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Unlock it Number Match

These corresponding keys and locks give children hands-on practice with number recognition, matching and counting from 1 to 20 while building motor skills! Children simply match the number on the key to the number word and stars on the lock. When the numbers match, the key will turn and th...

£30.60 (ex VAT)
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Teeter Popper Frame overlay for product images

Teeter Popper

This new twist on the teeter-totter features silicone suction cups that create a fun popping sound as children wobble, tilt and twist. While they explore and play, children will develop core...

£29.99 (ex VAT)
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Tweezer Tongs Colour Sorting Kit Frame overlay for product images

Tweezer Tongs Colour Sorting Kit

Develop fine motor control, sorting skills and hand eye coordination with this engaging colour sorting kit! Children simply grip the tweezer tongs just like a pencil, then grab and sort the ...

£29.95 (ex VAT)
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What's Inside? Dinosaur X-Rays Frame overlay for product images

What's Inside? Dinosaur X-Rays

Engage students in science exploration from the inside out with these double-sided x-ray/photo cards! Each set includes 16 beautifully illustrated cards that reveal the skeletal system of an...

£25.00 (ex VAT)
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